Axis 360

With our fully compatible technologies, libraries can now deliver a more complete and easy-to-use experience to patrons who are on the go,” said George Coe, Baker & Taylor’s President and CEO. “Library users are increasingly making use of library services without setting foot in the physical library building, so integrating eBooks and audiobooks into the platform of a widely used library app goes a long way toward meeting and exceeding those raised expectations.

Axis 360 Digital Media Library by Baker and Taylor offers libraries a system for circulating eBooks and AudioBooks across the web and mobile devices. eBooks can be downloaded in a variety of different formats to be consumed on PCs, eReaders, and mobile devices.

About the Integration with Demco Software

Demco Software has partnered with Axis 360 to offer a deep app-to-app integration, allowing patrons and students to search the Axis 360 catalog from directly within Your Library’s App. When a particular title is selected, the patron is delivered directly into the Axis 360 app for download and consumption.

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