BrainHQ™ Media Coverage


CNN Video From 10/20/16

Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with Kathy Lasky, a retired pharmacy technician, about brain training.

Dr. Oz Show Video From 9/13/16

See Dr. Oz and his team learn to play BrainHQ™’s Double Decision, a game that involves speed training.

TODAY Show Video From 7/25/16

A major study suggests a brain fitness program that can fight the symptoms of aging. NBC special anchor Maria Shriver reports for TODAY..


Tom Brady Talks About His Mental Game

Who knew that Tom Brady uses BrainHQ™ as one of his training tools? Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper reports.

Alzheimer’s Conference Research

A breakthrough study presented at the recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto showed how speed training may lower dementia risk. Read the highlights.


What Is Brain Plasticity Podcast

Listen to Dr. Michael Merzenich and Dr. Norman Doidge, author of “The Brain That Changes Itself,” discuss the fascinating science behind brain plasticity

*We provide these links as examples of some of the press coverage received by Posit Science and BrainHQ. By their nature, press reports summarize events and often fail to present all relevant and accurate information. For more complete information on the ACTIVE Study dementia results please visit and for FAQs, please visit

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