CONTENTdm® makes everything in your digital collections available to everyone, everywhere. No matter the format — local history archives, newspapers, books, maps, slide libraries or audio/video — CONTENTdm can handle the storage, management and delivery of your collections to users across the Web.

About the Integration with Demco Software

Demco Software has partnered with CONTENTdm to pull ALL of your various digital collections together to allow patrons to search them all at the same time, directly from your library mobile app. Demco Software uses the CONTENTdm APIs to integrate the digital collection data directly within your app. That means that when you open a CONTENTdm document, you won’t be transferred outside of your library app. There’s no extra content to download, you just seamlessly connect with the content!

Adding a CONTENTdm integration to your mobile app will help to expand the visibility and discoverability of your collection. You will also extend your reach to mobile users who may not be frequent visitors to your library or even be aware of your e-resources but are a part of your community.

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