Holistic community engagement powered by integrated software solutions


Members of your community lead busy lives. By offering anytime, anywhere access to your library’s resources with our ADA-compliant DiscoverMobile app, you make it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for AND you drive increased library engagement.


Powered by linked data, DiscoverLocal boosts your library’s events and catalog items to the top of online search results, ensuring your resources are reaching more community members than ever before. DiscoverLocal is included with every DiscoverMobile subscription.


Want to increase attendance at your library’s programs and events? Let everyone in your community know what you have to offer. With SignUp, you can easily promote events for patrons to discover, register for, and attend — without adding to your librarians’ workloads.


Put common spaces and meeting rooms to work for your community without increasing librarian workload. Patrons can check availability, view space details, and reserve rooms quickly and easily, generating librarian alerts when approval is required.


Your library can elevate patron learning year-round with all-ages educational resources and engagement tools like BrainHQ and Wandoo Reader. Whether accessed on a computer or on the go, these software tools offer your community the opportunity to pursue learning and nurture a connection with your library.

Wandoo Reader

Maximize the impact of your library’s reading program, year-round. Wandoo Reader enhances reading program management by helping you boost engagement and improve the results of your library’s reading program. It also monitors results, so you can demonstrate outcomes.


Engage minds of all ages with this fun and effective brain-boosting tool. BrainHQ empowers people to improve brain health through scientifically proven, game-like exercises. They’re designed to help adults think faster, focus better, remember more, and enjoy life — all with measurable results.