Plan an Active Role in Your Community’s Cognitive Health

Daily, in 2017, an estimated 9,900 Americans will turn 65 years old, and this number will continue to rise to 11,500 in 2029. Every 66 seconds, someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s Disease. The brain determines the quality of every instant of our lives, but we struggle to know what to do about it.

BrainHQ™ Empowers Your Patrons to Take Control of Their Brain Health

BrainHQ is a suite of scientifically proven, online brain-training exercises designed to help adults think faster, focus better, remember more, and enjoy life.

User Benefits

Fun and Effective

32 brain training exercises backed by science.


895 unique levels of training keep things new and challenging.


Users can train on computers, tablets or smartphones.

Staff Benefits

Enhances Adult Programming

Brain health ties into many areas of your collection and offers many opportunities for related programming.


User’s private dashboard provides training results. Libraries can access aggregate usage reports.

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Recent Media Coverage

BrainHQ has been in the news for all the right reasons, including helping quarterback Tom Brady ace his mental game! Watch video clips from popular TV programs about brain health and read conference highlights.

BrainHQ Boosts Brain Power

Watch this BrainHQ demo video to gain a better understanding of what BrainHQ can do for your patrons.

  • Think Faster

    I am reading faster again. That matters to me personally because I am an aerospace engineer and I read a lot of documents. I need to be able to scan them and pull out the key information. Now that I’m using these exercises, I can do that a lot quicker and more easily.”

    Larry O.
    Bellevue, NE
  • Focus Better

    “During summer visits with family and friends, a typical way we relax is to play games. I was surprised when I and others noticed that my game performance (Boggle, Scrabble, and Bridge) was significantly improved. My scores were consistently higher than is typical, and appeared to be due to increased concentration and greater sustained focus.”

    Mindy L.
    Richmond, VA
  • Enjoy Life

    “. . . as I worked through the Program, I started feeling a bit younger — kind of a more youthful and venturesome attitude toward life. It’s like when you work out and can actually see results — you know when you’re developing a muscle! I really started feeling this happening, and an excitement comes along with it. It gives you a positive feeling about yourself.”

    Debby R.
    Dothan, AL
  • Remember More

    I could remember a whole lot of things I couldn’t remember before. It makes me more focused and my mind doesn’t stray anymore.” Kenneth attributes his passing of the California Electrician Certification program to his brain fitness training.

    Kenneth F.
    Los Angeles, CA

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