Demco® DiscoverLocal

Use Web Searches to Your Library’s Advantage

Consider this: 89% of Americans use the internet. What if your library’s valuable resources and programs started appearing at the top of their search results? It would be a game changer.

Library & Community Benefits


Drives awareness of your library’s resources and events


Makes your collection searchable on Google & other search engines

Program Reach

Broaden the reach of your programming and event marketing

New Patrons

Encourages more people to sign up for library cards


Increases your library usage and relevance in your community


Leads to enhanced programs, outreach services & more

Demco® DiscoverLocal Now Works With Amazon Alexa™

Easier Than Typing, Tapping or Calling … Just Ask Alexa!

People use online searches, smartphones and voice controlled devices to discover things. Because Demco®️ DiscoverLocal makes library information visible in search engines, it also works with Amazon’s Alexa … all they have to do is ask about your library!

What can Alexa & Demco®️ DiscoverLocal do?
  • Find information about library hours and services
  • Place holds and renew items already checked out
  • Discover events and register to attend
  • Reserve study or meeting rooms
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How It Works:
  1. Upload — Your library’s collection via MARC records is uploaded into Demco®️ DiscoverLocal.
  2. Optimize — Your collection & events are geo-coded so search engines can discover them.
  3. Search — Your community members search for book titles, media and events on their favorite search engines.
  4. Results — Relevant programs and material(s) in your collection show up at the top of the search engine results, most likely outranking online retailers.
  5. Reserve — People can immediately register for an event, reserve the item or become a new patron and library user!
  6. Learn — Robust, real-time reporting gives you greater insights into your community’s interests.
Webinar On-Demand
Everything About Your Library—Now Searchable!

Recorded on: July 20, 2017

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Broaden the reach of your programming and event marketing
  • Encourage more people to sign up for library cards
  • Build awareness about your library’s resources.

Learn how to give your library top ranking in local search engine results!

  • 40,000 Google searches are performed every second!

    - Source: Internet Live Statistics
  • 90% of U.S. local libraries offer e-book lending, but 38% of American's don't know this.

    - Source: Pew Research Center
  • Online author or topic searches drive 48% of all book choices.

    - Source: Forbes
  • 19% of people discover books through online searches.

    - Source: Goodreads

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