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Put your library’s resources in their pockets with DiscoverMobile

Change How People Experience Your Library

Members of your community lead busy lives. By offering anytime, anywhere access to your library’s resources with our ADA-compliant DiscoverMobile app, you make it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for AND you drive increased library engagement.


Give patrons curated, one-click access to library resources and the ability to engage with their library exactly how, when, and where they want to. Even on the go.


Increase patron interaction by putting everything from digital and e-resources to events, meeting rooms, and books at their fingertips.


Track engagement and gain valuable insight into how patrons engage with your library by accessing easy-to-apply metrics through the DiscoverMobile admin dashboard.

Mobilize Your Library’s Resources


of Americans own smartphones


of Americans are smartphone-only internet users


of time spent by those smartphone-only users is in apps


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One App: Every Library Resource

Family Account Management

Patrons can manage their family members’ library cards from a single login and easily view checked-out items and overdue fines.

Book Availability Scanner

Patrons can use the app to scan a book, magazine or DVD bar code from anywhere to see if it’s available in their library’s catalog.

Patron Onboarding

Upon downloading your library’s app, patrons are met with an easy-to-follow onboarding process that familiarizes them with the app’s features and how to use them, reducing burden on librarians.

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DiscoverMobile Is One Piece of the Engagement Puzzle

Holistic community engagement powered by integrated software solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What third-party solutions are integrated with DiscoverMobile?

The list of integrations supported within DiscoverMobile is extensive, and the list grows longer with each new version of DiscoverMobile we release. Contact us today for more information on the integrations currently supported in DiscoverMobile, as well as those that are planned for future release.

How is DiscoverMobile different from Boopsie, the legacy app my library is using?

While DiscoverMobile’s enhanced user interface is the most visible departure from what Boopsie customers are used to, our development approach for our new mobile app is the most important change. DiscoverMobile is a standards-based application, which means it is more reliable and that its features and functionality are built around best practices we’ve gleaned from you, our customers. The standards-based nature of DiscoverMobile allows customers to receive application upgrades seamlessly and frequently, as we introduce new functionality into the app.


Can my organization use DiscoverMobile if I'm not a library?

Our current plans for DiscoverMobile are based on solving the needs of our primary customer base — public libraries in the United States. While we’re excited to explore the potential of extending DiscoverMobile’s impact to other customer segments in the future, our current focus is on optimizing our products and services for public libraries.  



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