Make Room Booking Easy for Everyone

Give community members the power to reserve your library spaces with our easy-to-use room management tools

Change How People Use Your Space

Put common spaces and meeting rooms to work for your community without increasing librarian workload. Patrons can check availability, view space details, and reserve rooms quickly and easily, generating librarian alerts when approval is required.

The Key to Room Reservation Convenience

Day-to-Day Room Management

Make it easy for clubs, organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals to take advantage of your library’s rooms by providing a self-service tool they can use to view, book, and pay for room reservations.

Attention Where and When It’s Needed

Focus your staff’s time and attention on requests where they’re actually needed. Spaces and D!BS help you delineate between reservations that require library approval and those that don’t, saving time for your staff.

Just a Friendly Reminder

Generate automated email notifications to provide users updates on their room or equipment requests.

Empower Patrons to Call D!BS on Unmediated Library Rooms

On-Demand Room Booking

D!BS is a first-come, first-served room reservation software solution that empowers patrons to book library spaces on the go, without requiring library staff involvement.

Mobile-Friendly Solution

Patrons can use any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to reserve unmediated library spaces with D!BS. Email or text reservation confirmations are sent automatically.

Convenient Searchability

Available rooms are searchable by date, time, and duration, with authentication reducing possible conflicts.

Simplify Mediated Room Management with Spaces

Patron-Friendly Search

Users can view room and equipment details to easily assess and reserve spaces that meet their needs.

Convenient Approval Process

Library staff can approve reservation requests individually, or automate the approval of requests from preapproved organizations.

Payments Made Easy

Spaces allows your library to safely and simply collect payments online for room reservations requiring a fee.

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Room Management Is One Piece of the Engagement Puzzle

Holistic community engagement powered by integrated software solutions


“Spaces was the easiest option to set up and one that had been vetted by other libraries, and that was very important to us.”

Jennifer Bernetzke, Director

Schreiner Memorial Library, WI





“D!BS has been great for our campus community. It has helped us analyze usage of shared spaces while minimizing conflict between residents — without additional staff and with virtually no training. The data we receive helps us make decisions about furnishings and future facilities.”

Aaron Crabtree, Dean of Students

Grace College, IN



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assign different levels of access and editing rights to different Spaces users?
During Spaces implementation, you’ll create unique security roles based on the unique permission sets you’d like different groups of Spaces users to have. Then, each time you create a new Spaces user, you’ll assign that user one of the security roles you’ve created. Security roles allow you to control things like: which users can manage and delete room reservations, who can modify patron records, who can create new reports, and much more. Security roles also allow you to limit a user’s ability to edit Spaces data by location, which is great for libraries using Spaces across multiple branches.


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